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About the assessments


Acclaro Values Clarifier©

Career Key Discovery®

The CliftonStrengths® assessment, developed by Gallup, is a powerful tool designed to identify and measure an individual's unique talents and strengths.


The assessment consists of a series of questions that require individuals to rate the extent to which certain statements resonate with them. The questions are designed to uncover patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving that reflect specific talents and strengths.

The Acclaro Values Clarifier© is an assessment tool designed to help individuals explore and clarify their core values—the guiding principles and beliefs that shape their choices, actions, and priorities in life.


Once completed, the Acclaro Values Clarifier© generates a personalized report that highlights the individual's core values and provides a clearer understanding of their guiding principles.

Career Key's science-based match to careers and programs of study will lead to ongoing success, career well-being, and making decisions for better long-term outcomes.​

The Career Key Discovery® assessment incorporates the Holland Codes theory, which suggests that individuals possess specific personality types that are closely related to certain work environments and occupations. 


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