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Welcome to the Zoë Community!

Now is the time to explore and learn more about your strengths, values and role in the world so that you can utilize your talents, work and relationships to bring out your life's purpose. 

You can develop and grow in many ways.
Here we offer you many opportunities to explore.

Now that you have your results, knowing how to use them to their full potential is important as you develop and grow! Take a look at some tips and tricks to help you interpret your Zoë assessment "Bringing It Together" results!


You may want to read a book that helps you develop your talents more or read Zoë's blog on advice she gives to other young people who are looking for answers just like you to what their life's purpose may be and how to live a fulfilling life.

A collection of exercises designed to help you create your best self and contribute to the world. Each exercise allows you to delve deeper into understanding your life's purpose so that you can go out into the world and apply what you have learned.



Students Chatting

Best suited for students in high school, those early in their post-secondary education or early career starters who are seeking clarity on their future.

Choose your adventure

Discover your best self as you explore these exercises

Select the population you most identify with to explore the many exercises and resources available. 

Business Meeting

Best suited for adults who are currently in or may soon be encountering a transitional phase of their lives professionally or personally.

Beautiful Landscape

Share Your Journey with Zoë

Would you be willing to share your thoughts on your experience with Zoë? Your feedback could help us enhance the platform and make it an even more powerful tool for self-discovery.

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