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Q: How long does it take to complete Zoë?

A: Give yourself enough time to complete all the assessments. It may take up to an hour to complete all three (25-30 minutes for the CliftonStrengths®, 10-15 minutes for the Acclaro Values Clarifier© and 10-15 minutes for the Career Key Discovery®). 

You may take a break in between and return later to complete them. Your work will be saved along the way. You must complete one before you move on to the next assessment.

Q: Is it better to complete Zoe on a laptop or on my mobile device?

A: Zoe is best viewed and completed on a desktop/laptop computer.

Q: What if I have already taken my Strengths before and know my Top 5?

A: If you have previously completed your CliftonStrengths® and know your top 5, you may bypass re-taking this assessment. Check the box to indicate you have completed CliftonStrengths® and are ready to move on. Click the ‘Next’ button then select your top 5 strengths from the drop downs on the next page.

Q: Where can I find information from Career Key Discovery on careers and majors?

A: Career Key Discovery, through Zoë, is providing you the opportunity to explore careers and majors that align with your strongest personality types. Your custom report can be found in the Zoë application. 

Log into the Zoë application here then select Careers and Majors from the drop down menu in the upper right-hand corner to access your custom report.

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