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Do what you are good at and love to do

Objective: This exercise will help you discover career paths or fields of study that align with your unique strengths and passions.

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Explore the intersection of your skills, interests, and passions. Analyze your assessment results and identify the areas where your natural talents and genuine passions converge.


By doing what you excel at and enjoy, you can experience a sense of purpose, satisfaction, and accomplishment in your chosen career or field of study.



Engage in activities that allow you to explore your genuine passions and interests. This can include hobbies, volunteering, joining clubs or organizations, or attending workshops and events related to your areas of curiosity. Pay attention to activities that bring you joy, energize you, and make you lose track of time. Explore various fields, subjects, and industries to expand your knowledge and discover new passions.



Reach out to professionals who work in fields or industries that align with your skills, interests, and passions.


Conduct informational interviews to learn more about their experiences, career paths, and the day-to-day realities of their work.


Network with individuals who can provide insights and guidance on potential career or study paths. These interactions can help you gain valuable perspectives and make informed decisions.

Consider the potential career paths or fields of study that align with
where the areas where your natural talents, interests, and passions inters

What is just one step you can do to explore your resources?

(Here are some hints: books, websites, online tools, role models, mentors).

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