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Serving Others: A Path to Purpose

In Greek mythology Narcissus, a young man of incredible beauty, was cursed after he fell in love with his own reflection in water. Today, the word narcissism comes from this fable. But in 2019, the New York Post reported on a study where researchers found that today’s equivalent of Narcissus exists with those who have what is referred to as nomophobia or the fear of being detached from their cell phone – Narcissus’ pool of water has become the screen of your phone!

As we reflect on this (no pun intended), it is easy to spend many hours looking at our phones – in fact, you may have even completed your Zoë assessment on your phone! But we need to look up every once in a while and realize there is a big world out there that needs us to take what we now know about ourselves – our strengths, values and what we bring to this world and look outside that to serve others. In fact, that may be why Narcissus was cursed in the first place – to teach us all a lesson about serving others instead of just ourselves. It is of course important for us to understand ourselves as we frequently discuss, but then, take that gift and turn it outward – help others find their life of purpose – serve your community, bring joy to others. 


In a recent study by Wake Forest School of Medicine, they found that when young people serve others, the gifts in return are tenfold. They include improving your mood – your body releases endorphins when you help others! You learn empathy and appreciate others struggles which can help you with your own perspectives to cope better with your own struggles or stress. It helps you build your own self-esteem knowing you have skills that contribute to others and builds independence and confidence. You can make social connections and build leadership skills. You may also build feelings of hopefulness and future orientation which encourages feelings of gratitude and a more positive view of the future. But you know what they found? Serving others helps develop a sense of purpose – and you know we are all about building a life of purpose! Becoming part of something greater than yourself and being involved in community can build a sense of pride and lets you know you make a difference!


So, get out there – put that phone down for a little – go ahead – your online friends will wait!

- Zoë
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Mar 29
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

What a great reminder that your gifts and talents are MOST impactful when you look outward and use them to serve others. Thanks for sharing!

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