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Explore your purpose

Welcome to this transformative journey of self-discovery.

It's about discovering who you truly are and unleashing the limitless potential that resides within you. It's not about getting it right - it's about finding a life of purpose.


Honor your strengths, values, beliefs, and passions, then use them as guiding lights on your path.

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Learn more about Zoë

This brief two-minute video will provide you with a deeper understanding of the Zoë experience...

Key Findings from Voices of Gen Z: Perspectives on U.S. Education, Wellbeing and the Future*

76% of Gen Z members agree they have a great future ahead of them, yet only 44% report feeling prepared for their future

*Walton Family Foundation (WFF) and Gallup inagural Gen Z study, September 2023

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How Zoë is helping

Results from two-year study on the impact of utilizing Zoë.


Increase in a positive outlook when they imagined their lives 5-10 years from now.


Decrease when looking at the future of not knowing where to start.

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"I find it extremely satisfying to see how closely the results align to how I feel and the direction in which I am headed."

Ann, Working Adult

Our organization partners

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"I wanted to help students with some clarity of what they want to do – and I figured Zoë could help them narrow in on that directional focus."

Brian, Leader

"I appreciate Zoë especially when my students realize that knowledge of their strengths and values not only helps them gain a better understanding of themselves and their God-given talents, but also when they are moved toward a greater understanding and respect of the strengths and values of their peers."

Sarah, Director of College Counseling and Alumni Engagement
"Zoë is a perfect complement to Point C Jumpstart. It serves as an ideal way to demonstrate to an intern how much their company cares about his/her future."

Tracey, Point C Executive Sponsor
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